The"Sport Mind"is made up of a team of guides, trainers and mountaineers, with specific training in mountain sports, with specific training in nature and adventure sports, and with a regular and specialized training. We provide services of touristic animation in north center Portugal, with national registration (RNAAT: 847/2017).

Through adventure tours we promote active tourism in the national territory, promoting local traditions and economy. We value our social and environmental responsibility for environment conservation, promoting good practices with minimum environment impact, as well as a healthy lifestyle in contact with nature.

Safety is one of our biggest concerns during our activities. Together with the high standards of training of our guides, we have quality equipment and homologated for the practice by competent entities. All our clients are assured in accordance with the legislation in force, by the insurance:

Personal accidents - Allianz: 203651071

Civil liability - Allianz: 203651064


More than an adventure, we try to create a unique experience, in the most beautiful and natural landscapes.

We create tours for different levels of physical condition and technical knowledge.

The canyoning consists essentially in descent of rivers, walking along its banks or swimming in the crystalline waters and surpassing the slopes by jumps, abseiling and zip lines. If you are looking for a fun-filled day, this is the right sport for you.


Climbing is a vertical progression activity. The hands and feet are used to climb rocks or cliffs, and the equipment is only for the safety of the practitioner. There are several ways to practice and different heights that can vary between a few meters and a few hundred meters. It is a physically demanding activity, but with a very great attainment power.

Trekking, as its name implies, is a walk on natural trails. Walking in contact with nature provides a unique moment of well-being and brings many health benefits. Because it´s simplicity, it is possible to adapt to various levels of difficulty, thus being an activity for all.


Expeditions are programs with two or more days of activity and may consist in one or more disciplines. They are usually more physically demanding programs and may require more specific technical knowledge.


All activities have a minimum number to two participants to initiate a reservation. Other minimum only if it have a different indication in the information.


The participant is responsible for the physical condition necessary for the proposed activity and must inform the instructor(s) of any risk situation that may limit the performance, follow our recommendations on difficulty classifications:

(easy) - Regular physical activity and good motor skills;

(moderate) - Good physical preparation, basic knowledge of the activity;

(difficult) - Good physical preparation, several experiences of mountain activities, basic knowledge about the activity to be performed.

The participation of minors is conditioned to the accompaniment of an adult representative.

In climbing and canyoning experiences, weight and height are limited to:

(minimun) 30kg | 135cm;

(maximun) 115kg | 205cm;





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